Home Reno Update: Master Bedroom and Bathroom


Some of you may know that my husband, Chris and I have been in the thick of home reno for the past year or so.  For those of you who don't, let me catch you up.  We bought our first home a little over a year ago which, living in Los Angeles, is an amazing thing to be able to do.  We were searching for about 5 months, so we had a good idea of what we wanted and what seemed to be a great find.  We were by no means looking for a major fixer upper.  We were planning on moving in right away, so did not plan to be in major construction, but were open to some DIY.  After all, you're not going to find something in perfect shape and exactly what you want!  

We really fell in love with the house from the beginning.  Built in 1927, the house had some great character in the barrel ceiling, custom windows, and original wood floors.  But that also meant plaster walls, outdated electric, and about 10 coats of paint on everything.  We knew it was going to need some work, but to a couple clueless 1st time home buyers, it all seemed mostly cosmetic.  No joke- I honestly thought we would be done with everything by the end of 2016.  Ha!  Boy was I in for a surprise.  Let me just give the first of many shoutouts to my husband, he was great.  He was all in for home reno, and has been excited, and a cheerleader on all of our projects.  I on the other hand struggled with accepting the magnitude of all the work we needed to do and how long it might take.   I just kept thinking, this is NOT what I signed up for!  After some time, ugly crying in the basement, calling my mom for support, and just accepting this is happening... I was on board and ready for DIY.

We started room by room, and today I'm sharing the updates to our master bedroom and bathroom.

The bathroom was the first thing we tackled because, well I just couldn't... The vinyl flooring, rotted cabinets, and oh that 70's wallpaper!!  We ended up having to tear out the sink side wall.  While taking out the previous cabinet and tile, that plaster just crumbled.  I remember coming home and my husband and father in law were there in piles of demo debris.  STRESS!!!!!  Oh- did I mention this is our only bathroom?  Yeah that was fun.  So here's a recap:  removed original cabinet and sink, flooring, toilet, and lighting.  New sheet rock, grounded outlets, wiring for sconces, new tile, new toilet, new sink and cabinets, new light fixtures, new paint and moulding, and reglazing of the shower tub.  Relocated the AC/heating vent.

Bathroom Before.  That wallpaper!  Photo from MLS

Bathroom Before.  That wallpaper!

Photo from MLS

Bathroom After!

Bathroom After!

Next up was the bedrooms and hallway.  Both bedrooms also needed some new sheet rock due to cracking/crumbling plaster.  The highlight of these rooms was removing the wood paneling, and smoke stained wallpaper.  Oh yeah, our previous owner was a smoker so we has to TSP all the walls and bring in some volcanic rock to help get rid of the smell!  The bedrooms were also where we got to sand through LITERALLY 10 coats of paint on the windows and doors.

To recap:  removed wood paneling, wallpaper, and light fixtures.  Grounded and added outlets.  New paint, stained windows and doors.  New closet system, new light fixtures.  Refinish floors, and all new moulding.  

Master Bedroom Before  Photo: MLS

Master Bedroom Before

Photo: MLS

Master Bedroom After

Master Bedroom After

Believe it or not, we still have much more to do!  Stay tuned for more!