Hello and Welcome!

Hello there!  Thanks for stopping by!  So, this is my first blog post which is pretty darn exciting!  I figured it might be a great place to introduce myself so you can get to know me a little more!  So here we go!

I'm a California girl, born and raised.  My husband and I live in LA and are currently taking on DIY home renovation in our home that was built in 1927.  Yup!  No big deal, just a 90 year old house to update while still keeping its original charm.  Let me tell you, it is A LOT of work!  And I'm not even the one getting my hands dirty!  I like to think we are our own version of Chip and Joanna Gaines.  My husband heading up the construction, and me 'overseeing' and coming in at the end for all things decor!  I've been diving in deep to interior design blogs and Instagram feeds for daily inspiration.  Here's some of my current favorites

Now, a little history about just how I got here...  My background is in the fashion industry.  I started out working in PR and by far my favorite part of the job was working on fashion shows.  I loved every part of it!  Putting the looks together, the venue, the party, and working backstage sending the models down.  I remember the first time I got to wear a headset, I felt SO cool!  It was like all my career dreams came true!  I felt like such a pro even though I was still just an assistant.  Definitely my cool job moment.  After a while I shifted gears and started doing merchandising.  Totally different, but a fresh change and a new challenge.  In retrospect it has taught me a lot about running a business.  It's so true what people say about every experience helping to mold you!  

After planning my own wedding in 2014, its was one of those A-HA moments reaffirming how much I loved working on events. I had a not-so-new found passion for all things weddings and after dipping my feet in with some AH-MAZ-ING, top planners in the LA area, it was time to dive in!  And here I am!

I want this blog to be a place where I can share weddings I've worked on, current projects, pro advice, and a little bit about what's going on in my world.  So- nice to meet you!  And please come back soon to check out the latest with Jessica Foster Events!


Jessica Foster Events is a wedding planning and coordination service for the Greater Los Angeles