Photo by  Jaclyn Szabo

Photo by Jaclyn Szabo

Wedding Design Inspired by Your Love Story

Love is expressed differently by every couple, so why would weddings ever look and feel the same?  At Jessica Foster Planning, my passion for wedding design stems from working with modern couples, like you, who create your dream day the way you want instead of the way it’s expected.

This is one of the biggest events of your lives, and you deserve to enjoy every minute knowing that each unique design element reflects your journey as a couple.

Overwhelm and stress should not be words associated with your wedding, and when we work together I make sure the details are handled so you can focus on your celebration.


Hello, I'm Jessica

A modern romantic myself, I still get goosebumps and teary-eyed every single time I send a bride down the aisle. It’s one of my favorite moments in working with brides and grooms because it’s the culmination of your love for each other and represents the next phase in your journey together. 

I’m a sucker for a good love story. The more details I have about how couples meet, fall in love and decide to spend the rest of their lives together, the more inspired I am. I also love sentimental details like family heirlooms or homemade cookies, made from family recipes passed down through generations. My goal is to transform the space you choose into a place of beauty that feels like you.

Having started my career in product development in the fashion industry, I learned to source design inspiration from textiles, color stories, interiors and even from nature and faraway travels. I use my design experience, add my passion for to-do lists and spreadsheets, and take all the pressure off of you so your entire wedding feels custom-designed and effortless.

I’m 100% invested in designing and planning your wedding with fun and unique out-of-the box details to create an unforgettable wedding day for you and your guests.


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