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Alternatives for Soap to clean the body

Posted on Jan 12, 2020 in Body Wash Soap

Alternatives for Soap to clean the body

All are aware that the biggest organ of the body is the skin. It is very essential to keep it clean and nourished. Our skin plays a major role in our body. It protects us from disease, injury and also controls the body temperature.

What we normally use to clean our bodies? Soap isn’t? But do you think it is an exfoliating agent that can remove the dead cells, oil, and dirt from our body?

As expected, it can do more damage to your skin. It is common to see people using bar soaps, but these can be very harsh to the skin as it as high alkaline PH.

In truth, you just need water to clean yourself. But to exfoliate the skin and remove the dirt and the oil, you need something to be used. The best body soap alternatives to clean the body is as under.


Cleansing oil

The cleansing oil is a great alternative for soap as it makes your skin nourished and healthy. These work effectively as this oil-based cleansing oil will capture can clean the body without soap and remove the dead cells.

However, there are procedures to be followed when using it. One among them is that to rub the entire skin with oil completely before you reach the bathtub. The modern oil cleansers produce more lather when it comes in contact with water.


Milk is a natural cleanser. It is known to take away all the dead cells present over the body. The presence of lactic acid in the milk can moisturize the skin by killing the dead cells.

The skin will gain glow and appear plum because of the protein and fat present in the milk. With so many benefits, you can take a bath without soap.

clean the body

To make the best use of milk just by taking a required amount of milk and massaging all over the skin. The addition of milk, whipped egg white, aloe vera or butter can make the skin very clean.

Make your natural scrub

Natural scrubs are highly recommended by many as they do not have any side effects. And it is easy to make as all the ingredients can be availed from your kitchen.

Generally, homemade scrubs are made of oatmeal, honey, sugar, jaggery and many more.

Among all these, oatmeal is one of the best exfoliators. Usually, ΒΌ cup of oatmeal is taken and ground and placed in a sealed in a jar.

When needed a pinch of turmeric along with aloe vera gel is combined to make a paste. This paste can be used as a natural scrub to cleanse the skin.