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Can I use homemade body lotion on my face?

Posted on Mar 28, 2020 in Good Appearance

Can I use homemade body lotion on my face?

People are now becoming more informative on hygiene factors. The environment is changing day by day. The new diseases also emerging day by day challenging the human race. The need for body lotion and face lotion is the need of the hour.

Since there are lots of proven disadvantages in bar soap. The bar soap is dry the skin extensively. Solid soap leads to many skin disorders like eczema, dark spots, blisters, etc. So the body lotion and face lotion came into the scenario.

These lotions are very medicinal nature. We can use homemade body lotion on face because it is very rich in natural elements.

How to Make Body Lotion at Home?

There are two parts in making the body lotion in-home water part and oil part. The water part can be filtered or distilled water, Aloe Vera gel, or hydrosol. The oil part can consist of unscented oil, coconut oil, and almond oil.

We have to combine three fourth of the water part and three fourth of the oil part. The options from the water part can be combined and the options from the oil part can be combined. In the double boiler boil the oil till it melts.

face lotion

Oil normally solid at normal room temperature. If you combine the oils, you must careful to maintain the three fourth measurements.

After heating allows it cool under normal room temperature. Now you can mix the oil with water option specified above.

For the water part also you should maintain the three fourth measurements. You have mix theses two-part in a blender.

While blending you have to carefully put the water in a blender. After blending this done successfully you can also add the essential oils to this mixture.

A study shows that the person used customized body cream on face had a similar effect face lotion.

Making of Face Lotio

The recipe to make face lotion is entirely different than body lotion. The coconut oil is the base of the face lotion.

The natural nuts like almonds and hazelnut are also used. Apart from nuts and coconut oil beeswax can be also used.

The lubricant here is shea butter. First, you have to boil the quarter cup of almond oil with coconut oil. You have to add two tablespoons of beeswax and shea butter.

After boiling sometimes you have to cool down under cold water to get cream consistency. We can apply DIY body lotion on face as the ingredients are almost similar.

Final Thoughts

Homemade cosmetics are safer to use. The making and components of face cream and body cream are almost the same. It is suitable for every skin. So the use of homemade body lotion on the face will not harm