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Does coconut oil soap dry out the skin?

Posted on Mar 20, 2019 in Body Wash Soap

Does coconut oil soap dry out the skin?

The soaps which are made from single oil are best in skincare. They nourish the skin with essential nutrients.

But not in the case of coconut oil. This coconut oil manufactured from cold pressing the dry coconut. Coconut oil contains lauricacid, capric acid, and caprylic acid.

These chemicals are very hard. They are effective reactants of the skin. Most of the skins accept the coconut oil. But the coconut oil dry out skin which is sensitive heavily. It also produces severe side effects.

Very Low Nutritional Value

Coconut oil is very low in nutrition value. The coconut oil combining with some other natural oils will give some medicinal value. Because of this coconut oil soap are very rare in the market. Lots of online blogs claim that coconut oil soaps are high in vitamin E.

But the recent studies show that the coconut oil has only a small amount of vitamin E. The coconut oil has an only small shelf life.

dry skin

So it should be sold within a short period. Because of this lots trader are not preferring the coconut oil soaps. The coconut oil soaps have denser antioxidant compounds.

So the coconut oil soap dries out skin and produces adverse effects on your skin.

High vulnerability

There are some persons having tree nut allergy problems. Coconut is the main cause of tree nut allergy. The people allergy to coconut oil still does not stop the use of some common medicines. Some special medicines should be used to stop coconut oil allergies.

In 1999 a study shows that a certain percentage of people with tree nut allergy problems have some reactions.

These reactions are very systematic and caused by coconut oil. The coconut oil may lead to allergy which has to treat for long days.

Some of the people around you may not like the coconut oil smell. Even the derivatives of coconut oil are also produced very rough reactions on the skin. The reactions like vomiting, diarrhea, rashes may occur in using coconut oil soap.

Coconut Oil Soaps Produce very dry effect

Since the coconut oil soaps produce some oil effect on the skin. It can be easily absorbed into the skin. This seems to be normal but many people have the dryness in the skin after some time.

The use of coconut soap makes the skin dry and dehydrated. Coconut oil can be easily absorbed by the skin and increases the normal oil content of the skin. But it also pushes the natural oil content and the skin becomes dry.

Final Words

The coconut oil soaps with only coconut will produce adverse effects. But the soaps manufactured from combining multiple oils including coconut oil are good for the skin. You must choose carefully from natural products also.