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Does sunblock cause acne?

Posted on Jul 18, 2019 in Good Appearance, Tanning

Does sunblock cause acne?

Acne can occur in any age group. Acne can affect all races and nationalities. Acne can occur irrespective of geographical locations. The acne is caused by hair growth on pores of the cells.

These cells will secrete oils, there is no space for the oil to go out. These oil deposit on the skin and form the acne.

The extensive use of chemical-based cosmetics is also the reason for acne. The sunscreen is the creams that absorb and reflects the sunlight on the human skin.

The sunscreen is the thin layer. The sunblock cream will evaporate at a certain point in time and it only moisturizes the skin. We have to choose appropriate sunblock for acne skin as advised by dermatologists.

Use of SPF in Tanning

The sunscreen lotion is evaluated by SPF. The SPF is the acronym for the Sun Protection Factor of the sunscreen.

The SPF factor determines the shield level of the cream from ultraviolet rays. The SPF sunscreen enables you to expose your skin under sunlight for long hours. Since the tanning under sunlight is the natural way to glorify the skin.


This enables them to acquire natural vitamins. To reduce the ill effects caused by sunscreen you should take a bath before three hours to tan.

The sunscreen in moisturized skin will merge successfully. The pores in the skin are opened and make the sunscreen as an effective lubricant.

Since acne is serious skin allergies that cause severe irritation. We should avoid the sunscreen cause pimples without nature ingredients.

Homemade Sunscreen

The homemade sunscreen is the best solution to use on the skin. The skin with acne is more reactive to chemicals.

Particularly the chemical used here is the zinc oxide which is very bad for the skin. The homemade recipe for sunscreen is to be carefully chosen to form available resources. The recipe of the sunscreen should contain only less amount of zinc oxide.

The recipe contains a half cup of coconut oil, half cup of almond oil. The two tablespoons of beeswax and shea butter are also added. These ingredients are heated with water and cooled under cold water.

Usage of Sun Screen In Acne Skin

There is a popular myth that sunblock because acne is absolutely false. The choice of sunscreen makes a difference. Excess oils cause acne.

So you have to avoid oil contents in the sunscreen. The sunscreen in the forms of fluids, gels sprays are suitable for oily skin. You have to wash the face thoroughly after using sunscreen.

Final Thoughts

Acne is the skin disease which lowers the confidence. The acne will result in sin related issues all over the body. The right choice of sunscreen will make you tan naturally. This will increase the skin glow