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When should you shower after tanning?

Posted on Jun 11, 2019 in Tanning

When should you shower after tanning?

The tanning is the process of acquiring vitamin –D through sunlight. The source of sunlight is relatively less in American and European countries. People will go to the beach to acquire vitamin-d because the sunlight is a source of vitamin D.

The ultraviolet rays’ exposure gives the refreshment and shinning to the skin. This process is called sunbathing which favorite pastime of these countries. This process of tanning can be done indoors also buy using tanning creams.

The artificial ultraviolet rays were also available for indoor tanning. The skin produces melanin enzymes naturally.

This melanin is responsible for reducing the aging factor. We have to shower after tanning artificially at a certain time interval for better effect.

Immediate Bathing

The natural tanning is the best way to acquire vitamin-d. The natural tanning gives you natural shinning. The creams used for tanning may not be suitable for some types of skin.

So the natural tanning is the best way to refresh the skin. Some experts say that you can immediately wash skin after tanning.

The immediate showering after tanning will reduce the chances of sunburns. It reduces the heating effects of the sun. The immediate showers will moisturize the skin and lock the essential oils. This will retain the youthful look.

Wait For Three Hours

The process of tanning by staring a day with the bath. After bathing kindly wait for immense sun rays to fall probably after three hours.

Apply the good skin moisturizers before exposure to the sun, this will reduce the getting effect. Stay under the immense sunlight which produces UV rays at a larger rate. The artificial tanning also is done using tanning cream or artificial radiation.

This should remain for 5 to 6 hours. After the radiation exposure to the sun, we have to wait for three hours. This settles downtime for the exposure effects. This will open pores of the skin and skin impurities will be released.


Spray Tan

This is an instant tanning process using artificial chemicals. This tanning useful for blued skin for heavy and snowy winters of western countries.

This tanning restores the skin to the original color. The dihydrooxy acetone will react with amino acids in the skin cell to produce skin color.

Usually, it is done using a spray gun for eve distribution. The waiting time to shower after spray tan is 4 to 8 hours but before 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

The tanning is the natural process to acquire the vitamin-d. The use of tablets will produce severe side effects.

The exposure of the sun is the best way as another way produces some allergies. The tanning increases the glow and delays the aging effect