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Does SPF 50 stop you from tanning?

Posted on Aug 21, 2019 in Tanning

Does SPF 50 stop you from tanning?

The tanning is the process of exposing the skin under sunlight. The people spend an ample amount of time in sunlight.

The sunlight is the source of vitamin d. The heating effect produced may cause blisters and some people may also have a burning effect. People may cause sunscreen to reduce the ill effects of sunlight on the skin. Most people use SPF 50 sunscreen.

The SPF is the acronym for Sun Protection Factor. You should know the healthy tricks to get a tan using SPF 50 sunscreen. You must know the tricks to get tan wearing SPF 50 for a natural glow on the skin.

How Sunscreen Works

The sun is the source of vitamin D. The sun also releases ultraviolet radiation. This ultraviolet radiation will produce ill effects. The ultraviolet rays also produce the heat effect. The adverse may result in an immense burning effect.

The blisters may also occur due to the heating effect. The sunscreen is made out of zinc oxide or titanium oxide. The sunscreen also has reflecting elements. The sunscreen forms the layer between the sun and the skin.


The sunscreen first absorbs the UV radiation. Then it will reflect a certain amount of UV radiation. The skin covered under the sunscreen layer will experience the cooling effect.

The reflecting materials are made with nanoparticles for more accurate reflections. The SPF factor denotes the protection factor from the sun. There is a lot of misconception that SPF 50 stop you from tanning it is not true.

How to get Tan using SPF 50 Sunscreen?

First, you have to take a bath before tanning. The bath should be taken in the early morning. The bathing helps to open the pores of the skin.

The bathing helps to maintain body temperature constant. The good bathing before tanning is very important to elevate the effects of tan.

The tan under sunlight may change the behavior in the cell RNA. The cell produces melanin for the wrinkle-free skin.

The tan improves the melanin secretion is a very constant manner. Sunscreen only reduces the ill effects of UV radiation from the sun.

You have applied sunscreen fifteen minutes before the tan. You have to repeat the procedure every two hours. By this way, you can get tan wearing SPF 50 sunscreen and nourish your skin regularly

Final Thoughts

The tanning process will give the essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy life. The SPF50 sunscreen is only the transparent cover that will minimize the Uv radiation effect. You must know the healthy tricks to make tan effectively.