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How to wash your face if you have eyelash extensions?

Posted on Nov 14, 2019 in Body Wash Soap, Eyelash Extensions

How to wash your face if you have eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions can alter your beauty routine altogether. Rather than waking up feeling somnolent and bleary-eyed, needing to reach for a curler and several mascara coats, we wash our faces and head out the door, there is no need for eye makeup.

Although lash extensions are convenient and time-saving, it is hard to wash face if you have eyelash extensions.

Clean the makeup at the end of the day

My biggest rule for someone wearing an eye shadow with their extensions is to make sure that at the end of the day you take it all off.

Letting makeup build up around your extensions can cause them to come off early, and it can cause eyelid inflammation.

Having said that, after a long day, some people aren’t always that careful about makeup remover. That’s why makeup is a no-go, in general. If you choose to use mascara on lower lashes, avoid waterproof mascaras.

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Avoid the harsh ingredients

Aside from having tastes and goods, the true first step in successful cleaning is the use of formulations specifically formulated for lash extensions.

It is important to consider this tip seriously, as washing face with eyelash extensions is very hard.

Look for an oil-free remover

This is an important tip, considering some of the internet’s most popular cleansers contain oil. “Oil-based removers can break the lashes.

Use a few remover pumps on a brush or a disposable mascara wand and brush through several times to help break down the mascara and remove any residue” until you find the right oil-free remover.

Do not use cotton pads

Don’t use cotton pads to wash face with false eyelashes. Now that we know the experts recommend using clean fingers or a brush to gently clean extensions, it is important to remember that they caution against using cotton pads or swabs.

They will grab and pull them out. And after the makeup remover brushing through, dab the product with tissue to clear it. Repeat until all of the mascara is gone.

Product post-cleanse

By finishing your cleaning routine with a safe product, follow the habit of tender love and care right through to the end. It’ll feed your lashes with nurturing nutrients and help you keep your extensions in place. It is important to take care of the eyelashes both the natural and the fake ones as it helps so much in changing your entire look.